Daily Links: Taste the Dwayne Bowe

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Dwayne Bowe has been really, really, ridiculously good lately.

Bowe has been as good in the last seven weeks as just about any receiver in NFL history. Bowe’s drops against Indy and his drop that would have sealed the game in regulation against the Raiders had Chiefs’ fans calling for Bowe to be cut.

But D-Bowe has caught just about everything thrown his way lately, and his performance on Sunday in Seattle – 170 yards and three TDs – has given most Chiefs fans amnesia. It’s also made fantasy owners very, very happy, like me and my boy Smooth. (His team name is Taste the Dwayne Bowem and he’s going to win our league, I’ll guar-an-damn-tee that.)

So, in honor of D-Bowe, here’s some links on his record-setting season:

  • The KC Star’s Martin Manley provides some cool factoids on Bowe going all Jerry Rice on the NFL.
  • Football Outsiders also gives Bowe some love (gotta be an ESPN Insider to read this).
  • As I wrote last weekend, the Chiefs pretty much need to win the AFC West to make the playoffs and that’s not going to be easy with the Chargers finishing the season in typical Charger fashion. Rany Jazayerli, who blogs about the Royals, broke down what needs to happen for the Chiefs to make the playoffs. What it’s probably going to come down to is the Chiefs need to beat the Chargers in Week 14.

Some Kansas basketball links:

And in honor of my boy Smooth, who owns a scarf (it’s burgundy), here’s a story for the ladies on professional athletes cheating on their spouses. It’s a guilty-pleasure read.

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